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Server Content Restrictions:

We do not allow the following content to be posted on Landups network servers

Illegal Content (Contains Copyright Infringing Content)
Huabei cash out, credit card cash out, pornography, lottery, gambling, drugs, Trojan horses, hackers, viruses, scams, private servers, plug-ins, adult products, movie websites, gay websites, massage saunas, weapons, game currency, invoices, online earning, fishing Website, QQ Lianghao, beauty pictures and other content or related content
Run IRC, IRC bots, Proxy programs
Running related content prohibited by mainland Chinese law
Running content prohibited by Hong Kong law
Running content prohibited by Singapore law
Email Limits:
Landups network does not allow users to use servers to send spam. Once you are found to have acted in this way, your account will be suspended, frozen, or deleted without refund. Penguin Lodge does not allow you to use shared hosting services to provide free or paid email services to the public. Distributor accounts are also subject to these terms, and distributors are obliged to cooperate with Penguin Hut's investigation of spam sending.

illegal behavior:
If the user is found to have committed illegal acts in the system, including but not limited to disrupting the operation of the system, attempting to change the system configuration or breaching the security of the system, running programs, processes that affect the website server, credit card fraud, etc., it will lead to account suspension, freezing, or Deleted without refund.

Denial of Service:
Landups network has the right to refuse to provide services to a user, whether the user is a new purchase of the service or is using the service. Landups network reserves this right to ensure that we can provide a safe, effective and trusted service environment for the vast majority of users.




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