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Refund Policy
service termination
1 If the service has not been paid yet, the service will be suspended immediately after the service expires.

2 If the payment is still not made one day after the service expires, we will delete the service, and the data on the service will not be retrieved at that time.

3 During the service suspension period, normal billing will be applied.

4 Violation of Fairytale Town Terms of Service (TOS) or Product Use Restriction (AUP), we have the right to suspend or even delete your service.

5 We will not be responsible for recovering the data loss caused by the expiration of the service.

Vps/Virtual Hosting:
6 Apply for a refund within 24 hours, deducting the handling fee of 10 yuan. If the IP is blocked, the cost of the IP will be deducted.

7. Apply for a refund within 48 hours, deduct 15 yuan + payment channel fee.

8. If you apply for a refund after 48 hours, deduct 15 yuan + deduction according to the actual resource usage time + Alipay handling fee.
(Refund formula The original price of the product calculates the used time. The discounted price minus the cost of the used time. Note: Refunds are not supported after the product has been purchased for more than 2 natural months)

9 After purchasing the Vps host, if the wrong line is opened, the account will be returned within 1 day without the handling fee and the deduction of the usage time.

10 A single Vps is only allowed to submit one refund work order, and the fee for repeated refund work orders is 5 yuan.

11. For example, the account balance generated by festivals/events cannot be withdrawn, and promotional products, special products and other promotional products do not support refunds (including refunds to the balance. Note: If there is any violation, the account will be banned).

12 Customers who purchase products with malicious funds will be permanently banned.

13 Once the application is submitted for a refund = immediately delete the server, and this operation is irreversible and irreversible.

14 For user products restricted by QoS, no refund or push will be given.

15 If your product needs to be refunded to the account balance, please send a work order to the general affairs department, indicating the product + refund to the balance.

16 Online game accelerator series products do not support refunds.

Note: This time is the product activation time, not the work order response time. Some products do not allow refunds. For details, please refer to the instructions for not supporting refunds.

Standalone server:

16 Unconditional refund within 24 hours of delivery time. Alipay fees are deducted.

17 24 hours after the delivery time, refunds based on resource usage time are not supported.

Force Majeure Refunds:
18 In case of a catastrophic failure of the server, you can apply for a refund for the remaining months (less than one month counts as one month, the full payment for the current month or the remaining month), no handling fee

*Catastrophic failure refers to data loss due to server hard disk failure, or continuous disconnection for a short period of time that cannot be restored for more than 72 hours.
Refund arrival time:

19 Payment will be made within the 3rd working day of Beijing time, and the time will be calculated from the date of the last reply to the work order (customers who have returned products and IPLC customers do not include this column).

The financial reply has been accepted. Please do not reply to the work order multiple times or reopen a single product for multiple refunds. This behavior will be regarded as a vicious refund behavior.

Ticket Title: Refund
Contents: Product host name and Ip address, Alipay account name for receiving payment. Refunds will only be made to the account where the product was originally paid for.

Instructions for not supporting refunds:
20 Refunds are not supported for pre-sale customers after activation.

21 Violation of the rules of use / malicious outsourcing customers do not support refunds.

22 Ip address is not supported for refund due to customer use reasons after delivery.

23 Attacked by Ddos traffic or active external attack, spam, fake brand, etc., whether active or passive (hacked)

24 Judgment of remuneration for refund (or refusal to refund): maliciously trying Vps or violating the relevant provisions of "I. User Obligations".

25 Dedicated servers that have been opened for more than 24 hours.

26 Refunds are only supported to the Alipay account for product purchase (refunds to Alipay and the balance are not supported after the product is transferred, if you apply for a refund from the financial department, the product cannot be restored after the VPS is deleted).

27 Once the application is submitted for a refund = immediately delete the server, and this operation is irreversible and irreversible.

28 Refunds are not supported for Vps products that are restricted due to abuse.

29 For abusive ticket technicians, URL blacklisting does not support refunds.

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